Financial Planning & Investments for Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Create the Life You Want

We provide financial guidance for self-made professionals and entrepreneurs who want to enjoy life today while planning for tomorrow.

Comprehensive wealth management

Comprehensive wealth management is planning for life.

And the many zigzags along your path.

True financial planning should engage you in a process to get the most from your finances so you can do what you want in your life now while preparing for the future. At Flip Flops and Pearls, we provide guidance, not a stack of documents. We give you the ability to manage your money successfully and intentionally.  Here are some of the ways we do it:


As fee-only fiduciary planners, we are loyal only to you. That means we don’t take commissions from annuities, insurance companies, brokers, etc.


We can meet by phone, videoconference, or in-person.


Together, we’ll develop your short and long term goals, providing you with the freedom to spend your creative energy on what really matters to you.

WE're HERE FOR you

We are easy to reach on your terms, helping you manage your time, your wealth, and your resources.


We’ll agree on which items to tackle next, creating clear next steps for you and us.


Setting up financial success for each stage of life.

Spend more energy and time on what really matters.

What We Do

Flip Flops and Pearls is an innovative, independent wealth management firm providing fee-only financial planning advice and investment management to motivated professionals and self-made entrepreneurs in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and on into retirement. With our wealth management programs, you get access to systems and financial planning processes to create and grow your net worth. Our goal is to provide you with the right strategy to maximize your financial potential so you can actually enjoy what you worked hard to build. Together, we can identify and prioritize what matters most to you.

We are here to provide wealth management guidance on the best moves to make to grow and protect wealth — so you can enjoy more of what matters in your life, now and in the future.  Life has many twists and turns.  Get ready for a great ride.

Flip Flops and Pearls puts you in Control of your Finances.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward feeling confident about your choices, getting independent advice, investing in a way that will launch you to financial freedom, and excited about what’s possible for you once you get the right strategy in place — let’s get started.